Carbon Engineering Pinpoints “Easy” Way To Decarbonize Transportation - CleanTechnica

UPDATE!! More information about the encouraging news on the cost of atmospheric carbon capture.

Remember: This is a VERY important step towards building a carbon-negative economy. Although this method of turning recycled CO2 into fuel that's burned again is carbon-neutral (the process will be powered by renewable energy), it paves the way for us to be able to economically remove CO2 directly from the atmosphere on a large scale.

This technology that can capture CO2 pollution right from the air around us means that we could eventually stop drilling for oil and instead make fuel out of recycled greenhouse gas emissions. Someday, these emissions will be permanently removed from the atmosphere using both natural and man-made methods.

CleanTechnica did a very informative interview with Carbon Engineering CEO Steve Oldham. You may remember this is the company that recently released a report showing that capturing CO2 from the atmosphere can be done for a lower cost than was thought possible - all while using technology and processes that exist today.

Carbon Engineering Air to Fuels.png