Sucking Carbon Dioxide from Air Is Cheaper Than Scientists Thought - Nature

BIG NEWS!! This is a FANTASTIC development. 

Direct air capture - the most expensive and, arguably, the most important form of carbon capture - just got a lot cheaper. This is where carbon dioxide is captured from the air around us - lowering the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere and helping us to reverse climate change.

In 2011, it was calculated that this would cost $600 per ton of CO2 - making it far too expensive to be used on a large scale. However, thanks to the hard work of the people at Carbon Engineering, this can now be done for somewhere between $94 to $232 per ton. That captured CO2 would then be turned into carbon-neutral gasoline and sold. 

As more research is done, prices should fall even more. This must be scaled up ASAP. Carbon Engineering hopes to build a facility that can produce 200 barrels of fuel per day by 2021 before moving to a larger facility that can produce 2,000 barrels of fuel per day.

The article before this from the BBC, The Atlantic, and National Geographic also cover this exciting development.