The 4 Climate Technologies Ernest Moniz Says We Need Now - Forbes

Former Energy Secretary, Ernest Moniz, thinks we’re wasting time and must work much faster on developing and using large-scale carbon management solutions. He’s right. New and more efficient sources of renewable energy just aren’t enough to avoid the climate catastrophe that’s already beginning. 

After serving as the Obama Administration’s Energy Secretary, Moniz became the director of the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago. He’s well aware of the dangers of climate change, as well as the best and most effective ways to combat it. It’s very encouraging to hear him champion these incredibly important solutions.

Moniz knows that only large-scale carbon capture, sequestration, and utilization will allow us to win this fight. He also touches upon two very important methods of carbon capture: Biological Carbon Management (using the Earth’s natural carbon sinks through reforestation and improving farming techniques, for example) and artificial photosynthesis, which creates “solar fuels” by using sunlight, water and carbon dioxide. Moniz considers solar fuels to be a “big Holy Grail” when it comes to energy. 

"There’s lots and lots to do here. We need to get on with that portfolio. I want to make it clear... we need to do all of them now.” - Ernest Moniz on CCUS